Note 1

All menu prices are in Dominican Pesos and DO NOT INCLUDE 18% TAX AND 10% GOVERNMENT MANDATED TIP. So, be aware that the final price would be 28% more than the menu price.
Unfortunately the mandatory 10% tip does not get to workers, so they are really happy when you leave a few hundred pesos (like $5 on average) inside the check book. 
Most dishes in Punta Cana Restaurants are between $10-$20 usd plus 28% tax.  

Note 2

For beverages beside water we recommend ordering fresh juices made from Passion Fruit (the most popular fruit on the island that is called Chinola), Strawberry, Pineapple or Lemon without ice and asking for ice in a separate glass.
For a side dish try local Yuca – a very delicious potato-like vegetable. 
Local Fish in Punta Cana is Mahi-Mahi (called Dorado), Red Snapper (called Chillo), Langoustine and Shrimp. Salmon and Sea Bass are imported.

Note 3

Most restaurants you can book (or in case of Cap Cana – to get an entrance pass) using whatsapp, its the most popular messenger here.


SBG at Blue Mall

Our favorite restaurant that is only 5 minutes away from the villa by car. We usually go there for birthdays or treating special guests. Fancy decor with a super cool entrance through a school bus! Highly recommend trying Rice with Duck or Spaghetti in Cheese Bowl.

Pepe’s Tavern

It’s our walking distance restaurant, takes about 10 minutes by foot and located directly on our main village attraction – strip of restaurants.
This strip also features Buskin Robbins, Cake Store, Pizza joint and Wendy’s.


15 minutes away by car, very good option for celebration or for change of scenery. On the same small restaurant stip you can find Punto Italia, they have good desserts, we usually order big Napoleon cake from them for $80 for home celebrations.

La Yola

Fancy quiet restaurant on the marina for romantic dinner. Located inside Punta Cana Resort, takes about 15 minutes by car, reservation is recommended.

Dolce Italia Bavaro

Furthest restaurant, about 20 minutes away, is located on the same plaza as Katmandu Amusement Park. Very nice vibe, very good Italian food for a reasonable price.

La Palapa by Eden Rock inside Cap Cana

This is a very fancy restaurant with 240 degrees views of the ocean. This restaurant is located inside an expensive resort Eden Rock. Eden Rock is not an all inclusive resort, so they are very happy to host people from outside. it’s about 20 minutes away and you also need to get a pass through their whatsapp reservation. The prices are not crazy for such a fancy place.

Bohemian Tapas and Wine Bar

Very nice option to explore another closed community – Cap Cana. It’s about 15 minutes away from the villa. You would need to contact them via WhatsApp to get a pass into this residence (you would need to send photos of your IDs). It offers very nice views of the marina and a nice walk.
However, Cap Cana is not a very busy community, so if you feel that it’s missing some people for such a beautiful place – don’t be surprised, everybody feels this way 🙂
On the same strip, there are two other restaurants worth exploring – Aura or Dolce Italia (they have very delicious gelato inside). You can book these restaurants the same way through WhatsApp.