Beach Clubs

Note 1
All beaches in Dominican Republic are public. You can go to any beach owned by all-inclusive hotels and use it (but of course you cannot use hotel facilities). Nobody can remove you from the beach (except some bad security guards who ignore the law). But the access to beaches is very limited and basically is controlled by hotels. So, you cannot get to most beaches as there is no public entrance or a very long walk.

Note 2
Beach Club is a popular concept there – you pay at the entrance a certain fee (between $20 to $70), and you can use all money that you paid for entrance on consumption inside the club for food and drinks.


Playa Blanca

It’s a local beach that is part of the Punta Cana Village community and located 8 minutes away from the villa. Can be used for free by the owners of Punta Cana Village. You can get there using this navigation route (don’t use Google Maps as it will guide you via short road that is only available for service workers). At the gate you can show the ownership card that should give you free access. Otherwise the fee is about $20 per person and can be used for consumption. You can walk all the way to the Westin Hotel and use the facilities of that hotel like beach chairs, swimming pool or jacuzzi. It’s not an all inclusive hotel and doesn’t have bracelets. In rare cases if asked – you can always say that you are a guest of the owner of a villa at the Resort.
If dining at Playa Blanca beach restaurant – we recommend ordering Pistachio Pizza.

Make sure that you enter the Resort through airport road, the Google Maps using service gate that is closed for residents

Cana Bay by Hard Rock Resort

Our favorite beach is 25 minutes away by car on the Atlantic ocean. Features best sand, clear waters without seaweed and 90% of the time – big waves that are good for body boarding. You enter through Hard Rock Resort. At the Hard Rock Resort entrance you say that you go to Cana Bay Beach Club. At the second entrance you pay the fee. The fee is $27 per adult (but can change). We don’t like restaurant there and never got good food, but maybe you will be more lucky. We have 4 body boards and a shovel for sand digging at the garage, please take them with you.
Wave riding is one of our favorite activities on this island.

Make sure you try the ice cream that they sell in the refrigerator there. It’s 200 pesos in cash, but it’s well worth it. It’s our family tradition to get ice cream there, we highly recommend coconut flavor.

This Beach Club is nested between two all inclusive hotels – Hard Rock and Rio Republica. 

Please note that you can access the paid facilities inisde the Hard Rock Resort without any special permissions (e.g. Casino, Laser Tag, Bowling, Acrades, Escape Rooms, shops). You just tell at the gates that you going to Casino.

Tracadero Beach Club

Amazing chill-out Beach Club on the Caribbean side of the island. It’s about a 50 minute drive and it’s recommended to go there right after breakfast and stay there up to sunset, basically spend the whole day there. Please make sure that you have Dominican pesos as you would need to have 320 of them to pay for toll-roads. 


The entrance fee is about $67 per adult and $32.50 per child up to 12 years old. But they have amazing restaurant inside, so we usually don’t have a problem spending all that money during lunch and dinner. Also, bring goggles as the water is deep and clear. The towels service is included in the price. There is no beach there, it’s more rocky, you enter the water from the dock. They have swimming pools with sea water and a bit of brought-in sand, plus a lot of lounge chairs with umbrellas. You will get your own battler and they usually top notch. Just make sure that you check the bill carefully at the end, in a few cases it was wrong and not on a good side.

Jelly Fish Restaurant

Located in the middle of the famous Bavaro beach and surrounded by all-inclusive hotels. About 20 minutes drive. They don’t have a fee, they just want you to order something at their restaurant and in return you can use their beach chairs, outdoor shower and washroom. But you can just park there and walk through the restaurant to get to the beach without any orders, its not enforced. Once on the beach – its a nice very long beach walk in both directions, but we usually go towards Barcelo (its on the right when facing the ocean).

Juanillo Beach Club

Located inside Cap Cana resort. You can get there for free if you manage to pass Cap Cana gates through restaurant reservation or other means. Otherwise they will send you to ticket office where you have to pay $20 per person (that you can use as a credit at the restaurant). Usually very calm beach with mix of artificial sand and corrals, good for small kids. We personally don’t like the quality of the sand. No guarantees against seaweed. Can have 15 min walk on the beach beside high-end Hayatt and Secrets Resorts.  Restaurant there offers good quality of food.

Macao Beach

The beach with the largest waves. 40 Minutes away from villa. It has 2 surfing schools with good instructors. The access to the beach is free. You might pay 100 pesos at the parking lot for local boys to guard your car, but it’s not required. The place is not high-end and is popular among locals, but its not sketchy place. It has Dreams Hotel and its a popular stop for buggy exercursions. Recommend to order local grilled fish (you can pick exactly what you want to order from their cooler). You can bargain at the restaurants as they give “gringo price” from the start.

Pearl Beach Club

We never been there as we don’t like that particular beach, but people with small kids are usually super happy. So, we assume its very calm and shallow. And it has reasonable prices around $25 per adult. Please contact them directly for more info.